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Our Hyunday Minivan 2016 has a capacity for 8 people with luggage, this vehicle is prefer vehicle for small group of family

This vehicle is perfect for a quick ride to and from PUJ Airport, our 2016 Hyundai H1 Minivan is very comfortable and spacious to accommodate up to 8 passengers with luggage.

Stretch Lincoln Limo has a Capacity for up to 7 Passengers, Air Conditioned, Radio Stereo, Free Beer upon

Get pampered and treated like the celebrity you are, by reserving our Stretch Limo from PUJ airport to your hotel in style and comfort while sipping on a bottle of champagne for the occasion.

SUV Suburban with capacity up to 7 Passengers, Interior Glass Bar, Neon Lights/Music Stereo, Air Conditioned

Our SUV is for those passengers that appreciated a little extra legroom and combine with safety and luxury, Our SUV’s is perfect for small groups of families. whether is to or from PUJ airport or around Punta Cana.

Luxury Mercedes Benz with capacity 3 Passengers, Air Conditioned, Music Stereo, Beer upon Request

Mercedes-Benz is known worldwide for its elegance and Luxurious features, our Mercedes-Benz S550 2010 is in perfect condition, ready to provide you with the Luxury and comfort you are looking for.